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God is there before you are

When each of us awakens in the morning, we are not guaranteed we will be alive that night when it is time for bed. We also are not guaranteed we will awaken the next morning when we pillow our heads at night. The clock of life is wound but once, and no one knows when it will stop.

Life is filled with unexpected disappointments that throw us for an emotional loop at times when we least expect it and leave us wondering, “What do I do now?” The beautiful fact in all this is – God is already waiting for us when we reach any of these points in life. This became a vivid fact to a group of young people in 2013.

On Saturday, July 27, 2013, life turned upside down in an unexpected moment for a group of young people from Indianapolis on their way home from a trip. The group, members of Colonial Hills Baptist Church, were approximately a mile from the church when the bus in which they were riding suddenly crashed. Many of the young people were injured in one way or another; and sadly, their youth pastor, his wife and unborn baby died. As sad as the event was, God already had plans in motion to help with their healing.

A church member by the name of Chris Anderson had recently compiled an encouraging text he hoped would be used to help Christians and anyone else when they were inundated with challenges life threw at them they did not understand. He had no way of knowing at the time the words he penned would soon become a source of comfort to members of his own congregation.

In the days following the accident, Greg Habegger wrote the music for Chris’s lyrics. It was first played at the funeral for the youth pastor, his wife and their baby. The song serves to remind anyone who hears it that God’s presence in our life is very real, even at our lowest moments.

I Am With You

By Chris Anderson & Greg Habegger

I am with you, says the Father; through the floods I calm and keep.

Though the swelling waves surround you, I surround the waters deep.

Fear not loved one; feel My presence; you will never be alone.

Trust Me loved one; you are precious, you are Mine, My very own.

I am with you, says the Savior, even to the age’s end.

Never leaving, nor forsaking; I’m your ever-present Friend.

Fear not loved one; hear My comfort; none can pluck you from My hand.

Trust Me loved one, I am constant; none can change what I have planned.

I am with you, says the Spirit, there is nowhere you can flee.

Neither height nor depth can hide you, every place is home to Me.

Fear not loved one, hear my witness, you are God’s own child and heir.

Trust Me loved one, hear My whisper; deep within you, I am here.

Come be with Me, says the Master, greeting homeful, homesick eyes.

I was with you, through your journey; be with Me in Paradise.

Hear Me loved one, know My promise, I will surely quickly come.

Trust Me loved one, know My purpose, I will bring you safely home.

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